If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that we can’t wait until we retire to start working on our bucket list items.

I had been looking at 5K runs for several weeks and really wanted to complete one. So much so that I decided it would be on my bucket list. As an obese woman (44 BMI) with bad knees, exercising isn’t something I do on a regular basis. And completing a 3.1 mile run any time soon seemed impossible.

Until it came to my attention that I might not have more than “anytime soon”. I started searching for 5K runs that would be happening in the next few months. And I found one that stuck out. A night run that would end in a party. I may only be 25, but I have never been to a bar or a club. The biggest “party” I’ve been too involved a handful of people and beer. So with this 5K, I could kill two birds with one stone.

I started messaging different people I knew asking if they would do it with me. As much as I wanted to do it, I’m not the best at maintaining motivation. And I tend to be super excited about something for a few days then completely forget about it. But if I wanted to do this 5K, I’d have to have someone getting my butt out walking and eventually jogging. No one wanted to do it. My husband, as supportive as he is, said no. Best friends that are usually my fitness friends all said no. It just wasn’t a good time for everyone.

Then I sent a message to a family member who I don’t have the healthiest relationship with. I was frustrated and depressed. I vented about how I was having medical problems. And I really wanted to do this 5K but didn’t have anyone believing in me. I was starting to doubt myself and nothing was helping.

“Fuck it! Let’s do it!”

I was astonished! This family member lived hundreds of miles away. They couldn’t possibly be willing to drive to my town, just to complete a 5K with me. Their health wasn’t the best either. Obesity, bad knees, age, all against them.

“Hey, what’s your address again?” I gave it to them.

A few minutes passed. “Okay, we’re set. Tickets are bought! We will be doing this 5K together! We got this!”

Wow. This was happening. Someone believed in me enough to do this along side me. The final text of our conversation that night, “Hey. Good luck kid.”


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