Today has been such an odd day. Off and on throughout the day, my left breast has been in moderate to severe pain. More pain than when I was fully engorged while breastfeeding. But it’s not constant so I feel like it’s unrelated.

My husband thinks it’s because I’m hypersensitive to my breasts right now. Maybe he’s right?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on IBC tonight. I was always under the impression that IBC always started with swelling/redness of the breasts and that it happened quickly. I have had swollen, itchy, red breasts off and on over the last month but didn’t think much of it (contributed it to hormones). Now I’m reading stories of women who have had the same thing as me. It’s “gone away”, only to come back worse. Or women who have been tested during the initial symptoms and the doctors can’t find anything on the mammogram and there isn’t “typical” symptoms so they brush it off only to find out a month or 2 later that it’s IBC.


4 hours after I started writing this post, I have pain spreading into my back between my shoulders and around the left side of my neck. I don’t know if it’s related to the problems going on with my breasts. But I would put money on it being stress related.


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