I had a mammogram and an ultrasound Friday the 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. The luck of the Irish was hopefully with me.

Yesterday my breasts were very painful. Even a hug made me cry. The mammogram was like hell. The technician explained (with pictures) how the more compression used, the clearer the picture. So I welled up with tears as she smashed my breasts 14 times (7 times on each side). She said she could lessen the compression but I insisted, knowing I was already in pain, because I wanted to make sure I got the best pictures possible.

A week ago, I took my body measurements in preparation for 5K training. Today, I felt like my breasts had quadrupled in size. They were so heavy it was insane. The pain was worse too but I am contributing that to the mammogram. I brought out the fabric tape measure and took my breast measurements. There was a 4 inch increase. From a week ago.

I had been trying really hard to not panic until now. But an increase in size of 4 inches, the itching, burning, painful pins and needles sensations along with slight peau’d orange on both breasts is way too coincidental. I am very much panicking over the possibility of inflammatory breast cancer. I know time is of the essence when it comes to IBC. I’m worried that my doctor won’t see the changes as worrisome and I won’t get the right testing to rule out IBC.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for results…

  1. I understand your fear all too well.

    So sorry you are having to wait like this. This part sucks almost as much as a diagnosis.

    It’s difficult to stay off the internet, but if you can manage then try to distract yourself with ANYTHING else.

    Hoping that the luck of the Irish is truly with you, but if not there are others who know exactly what you are going through. I was one of them. I hope you never have to join me in my cancer battle, but if you do, I can help answer any questions.


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