It’s been 7 days on the antibiotics I was given.

Today, I went back to the doctor. She bounded into the room with a lovely, cheerful smile on her face. “Good afternoon! How are the antibiotics working?”

Well, I haven’t really had much change. They are burning a bit more than they were though. That could be the infection working it’s way out, right?

That cheerful smile faded from her face. “No change? At all?” She looked genuinely concerned.

Other than the additional burning sensations, no. No change.

She sat in front of her computer for a few minutes. I was nervously tending to my children whom I had to bring with me.

“Ok. I am going to change your antibiotic. We’re going to try Amoxicillin 875mg twice a day. If there is still no changes by Friday, call the office. No, scratch that. No changes by Wednesday, call the office.”

What happens if there’s no change?

“I’ll let the breast surgeon explain it to you if that’s the direction we have to go with. Good luck”


I had been doing so well not researching like a maniac. Not looking over my breasts 10 times a day. I actually got sleep the last few nights! I probably won’t be sleeping tonight. Tonight, I’m back to researching every possible outcome for IBC. Every statistic. Every story I can come across. I’m absorbing as much information as I can. Knowledge is the key to successful treatment. At least in my eyes.


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