As I predicted, I am not sleeping tonight. There are currently seven tabs open on my computer, each with a different resource, a different story or different google image searches that I’ve been scouring over for hours.

I took a break to do some classwork that I had missed this last week and it occurred to me that I hadn’t looked at the underside of my breasts in a week. That’s pretty impressive considering a week ago, I was using my phone camera to video the underside of my breasts (large breasts = hard to see) at least 4 times a day.

So I did what my overly obsessive self does and I brought out the camera. It didn’t look too bad. Some additional redness that I hadn’t noticed before. A small red dot (bug bite maybe?). Then I noticed that there was a smallish (maybe 1″x 1″) area that looked thicker than the rest and had some very noticeable peau d’orange going on.

Well shit.

I definitely think it’s time for this mama to shut down the computer, drink a glass of wine and soak in a tub of hot water. This is something I can’t deal with right now. Here’s to praying that I wake up tomorrow with perfectly normal breasts and I can laugh at how crazy this all ways, chalk one up to being overly sensitive and go back to obsessing over my children and their crazy antics.

Good luck to me ❤


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