Day 5 of the new antibiotics showed no improvements. In fact, the swelling in my right breast has gotten a bit worse. I called my doctor’s office and left a message. Within an hour, I got a call back asking about symptoms. I was told they would call me back by 5pm TODAY with an appointment for the breast specialist.

It’s now 1:00am and no call. It’s officially Saturday which means I won’t get a call until Monday. Lord knows when I’ll actually see the specialist. Tonight I noticed that my breast was achy. It reminded me of the way my legs feel the day after a decent workout. I felt it out (something I’ve been avoiding doing for a while) and it wasn’t hard to find a nice sized bulge, a little smaller than a golfball, on the right breast. It was so noticeable, it shows up on pictures.

This was a development I wasn’t prepared to have. Not that any of it is something I’m prepared to have. But I certainly wasn’t expecting that. My cat climbed on me in bed this evening before I got up to vent on here and literally attacked my chest. Thank goodness my thick comforter was on me. My 20 lbs black cat lets kids pull on her, dress her up, etc, never lashes out on anything but bugs, attacked my chest.

I hope I see the specialist this week.


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