April 14, 2017 is the day I will have a consultation with the general surgeon.

I got the call Monday after another appointment with my doctor didn’t go as planned. More swelling, more pain.

I’m to the point right now where everything feels numb.

Tuesday was the first day where I didn’t once think about my breasts. We went to Knotts as a family for the first time. The girls has a blast. Even the baby had fun on the few rides she was able to ride.

We ate like pigs, I went from 0-82mph in 2 seconds on a roller coaster and according to my step counter, I walked almost 8 miles that day. We left at 7am and didn’t get back until midnight. A full day of not thinking about what was happening. A full day of fun and excitement.

Here’s hoping April 14th brings me good news.


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