Monday I went for my ultrasound.

It was much more uncomfortable than the one performed on my left breast a month ago. The report was marked “stat” so they would be read within 24 hours. I also had blood work done.

I got my blood work results Monday evening. Slightly elevated WBC, low HGB, low HCT, low MCV, low MCH and high RDW. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked into what those results could mean. Anemia is something I’ve had most of my life (that was the low HGB). The other results could be from anemia, could be from malnutrition (not really possible) or they could be from cancer.

Today, I called my doctor’s office and asked about my results. The lady I spoke to sent an email to my doctor and his nurse saying that I was ok with getting results over the phone and through a different doctor (mine is out of town apparently). Mind you, when my last ultrasound and mammo results came in, the nurse called and let me know everything was clear. That is a result they can (and are encouraged to) give over the phone.

My doctor’s nurse called me back a few hours later to inform me that they couldn’t give me “these kinds of results” over the phone, that I had to have the surgeon discuss them with me in person. The surgeon is out of town until next Thursday but I was told he would see me Thursday at 3pm.

Now I’m paranoid. If it was clear, they would’ve told me right then. So there’s something there, right? It seems ridiculous to make someone wait so long for bad results. Right?


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